• String Quartet Op. 7 No.1: III. Mov
    Scorchio Quartet (String Quartet)

  • Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9 “Unvollkommenheit”
    Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
    Julián De La Chica (Piano)

    Lyric by Julián De La Chica


    Ich habe keine Angst vor deinem traurigen Blick.
    Dein Schatten kann mir nichts antun.
    Ich beobachte frielich den Verfall Deines Glaubens.



    I have no fear of facing your sad gaze.
    I am not vulnerable to your shadow.
    I observe in peace the decadence of your belief.

  • Prelude Op. 8 No. 5
    Lisa Moore (Piano)

  • Four short stories at the Standard Hotel Op. 6 No. 1 “Jengibre”
    Live at Carnegie Hall
    José Heredia (Tenor)
    Scorchio Quartet (String Quartet)
    Julián De La Chica (piano)


    Since my first visits to New York, I felt drawn to describe the things that I saw and lived in this city. I like to sit and observe people. I begin to write, without a plan, many times without making sense, what happens in a specific time or place. New York and its craziness have always seduced and inspired me. The Standard Hotel, after they finished its construction, became a refuge for my solitude. I went there many days. Music and a scotch always accompanied me during this time. In those days I still remember a woman dressed in white, tired, drained, and harassed, but with a perfect and diaphanous face to survive the nights of waiting in the city. The man dressed in gray looked at her with desire. They both ended up at the same table. I kept observing. I had stolen their intimacy. Later, and before finishing their tea, they left together. The braking of a taxi scared them. It was death. It came for them. But they didn’t have time; they didn’t have time for death. They didn’t have time to live either. — Julián De la Chica.

    Lyric by Julián De la Chica


    Ella vestía de blanco
    El vestía de gris.
    Ambos bebían té.
    Ella de Jengibre, el de jazmín.
    Yo, sentando allí
    también bebiendo un té…

    Jengibre, jengibre, también mi té.

    Y en la penumbra, la gente murmuraba
    la muerte los esperaba sedienta de almas perdidas.

    Pero ellos no tenían tiempo.
    Tenían que trabajar… después del té.



    She wore white,
    He wore gray.
    They both drank tea:
    She, ginger; he, jasmine
    I, sitting there, also drank tea.
    Ginger, ginger; my tea as well.
    And in the semi-darkness, the people murmured.
    Death awaited them, thirsting for lost souls.

    But they didn’t have time.
    They had to work…
    work after their tea.

  • Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9
    Präludium “Gesegnete Dunkelheit”

    (Harpsichord Version)
    Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
    María Clara Vargas Cullell (Harpsichord)

    Lyric by Julián De la Chica

    Präludium: Gesegnete Dunkelheit

    Gesegnete Dunkelheit! Weise... ehrlich... Barfuss gehst.
    Du dahin Ohne Eile. Die nacht umarmt eine traurige Seele fromm angesichts deiner Grösse.
    In der warmen Einsamkeit. Ich höre ihre Worte. Ich reiche meine Hände.
    Ich lehne mich in den abgrund und sehe dich.
    Oh! Gesegnete Dunkelheit!


    Prelude: Divine Darkness

    Divine darkness! wise... truthful... you walk barefoot.
    You have no hurry. The night embraces a sad soul devoted to your greatness.
    Warm loneliness. I hear her words. I draw my hands near. I look into the abyss and I see you.
    Oh! Divine darkness!

  • String Quartet Op. 7 No.1: IV. Mov
    Scorchio Quartet (String Quartet)

  • Poem No. 5 from “Gowanus”
    Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
    Hannah Kramer (Mezzo Soprano)
    Julián De la Chica (Piano & Synth)

    Lyric by Susan Campos - Fonseca

    Poem No. 5

    Las criaturas inmortales son estériles, lo confieso.
    La luz nocturna cruza el río muerto, y la vida es implacable.


    Poem No. 5

    Immortal creatures are barren, I confess.
    The night light crosses the Dead River, and life is relentless.

  • Retention
    Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
    Julián De la Chica (Piano)


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