For Aniela, is out today!

Dear friends

For Aniela my new single for Cello & piano, recorded with American Cellist Benjamin Larsen, is out!

For Aniela Cover.png

During the summer, I visited Auschwitz for the first time. I do not think there are words to describe what I felt. In one of the buildings, in a very sad hall, there were pictures of some of the victims. Due to the line of people waiting to enter, I had to wait in the middle of the hall. Then there was this photo of a woman, her name was Aniela... her eyes said everything... I composed this piece in her honor, on my way back to Krakow. And yes, the photo on the cover, is her. Dear Aniela, there are not words, but there is music...


recording’s video


Photos by
Julián De La Chica