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Irreverence Group Music presents: Psychosis, the third solo album of composer Julián De La Chica. Inspired by his last trip to Berlin, Krakow and Warsaw, De La Chica immerses in electronic experimentation and influences ranging from ambient and post-minimal, to genres such as acid, industrial and minimal electronic. An album composed and produced by De La Chica in his home studio in Brooklyn, NY, whose music explores the virtual Psychosis of our times.


“One man’s Psychosis is another’s fascination. For De La Chica, musical psychosis comes in the form of order, exactitude, measured structures and forms. His aesthetic palette is clean, rounded, precise, every color and tone is discrete, outlined with clear, black borders.”
— George Grella
Julian De La Chica Photo by Hassan Malik

Julian De La Chica
Photo by Hassan Malik

“The mind has always been a source of great intrigue. The relationship between the so-called soul, the conscience, the mind, and the spirit, poses questions that are barely answerable. As a mental illness, “psychosis” is defined as an inability to determine what is real and what is not. Some of its best-known symptoms include false beliefs and seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear. My new album for synth, electronics, and piano explores the “Psychosis” of today’s virtual existence in which the internet inexorably changes our reality. It explores our false beliefs, the nakedness of the obvious, the nakedness of perception”.
— Julian De La Chica

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Julian De La Chica

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Julián De La Chica is a Colombian composer, pianist, and record producer based in Brooklyn, NY, whose influences range from minimalism & post-minimalism to the alternative electronic scene. His work is often inspired by everyday images, the search of personal spiritual reflection, and the inner darkness. It mixes piano, strings, and classical singers, with electronic keyboards and controllers, crossing over from classical to ambient, electronic music.