Directed by Badr Farha
Music by Julián De La Chica


Lucia Moerk
Christopher Callen
David Sunderland
Desanka Julia Ilic


A transsexual nun who escapes to a convent as a last resort in hope of finding comfort and coming to terms with her sexuality.


Presented by Bang Bang Pictures
Directed by Badr Farha.
Produced by Regina Bang & Javier Del Olmo
Costume Design by Kevin Robinson.
Edited by Devin Schiro.
Production Design by Desirae Hepp.
Director of Photography: Gabriel Chavez.
Screenplay by Badr Farha. 

Music by Julián De La Chica
Soprano: Rachel Hippert
Produced by Irreverence Group Music (IGM)
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Greg DiCrosta
at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT
Performed on Steinway D Hamburg (CD-79)
Piano Technician: Timothy J. Robinson
Julián De La Chica's music is published
by JDLACHIK music Publishing, INC (BMI)
Ⓟ and Ⓒ 2017 IGM
Brooklyn, NY


  • Winner Best Original Score by Julian De La Chica at London Independent Film Awards 2017

  • Winner Award of Recognition LGTB Best Short Competition 2017