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Psychosis, my new album, is out today!

Psychosis, my new album, is out today!

I am very pleased to announce the release of my new solo album, Psychosis. This is a very special album because it is immersed in electronic experimentation. I titled it Psychosis because it explores the contamination and sickness of the virtual world in which we live today.

What awaits  Artwork by    Santiago Betancur

What awaits
Artwork by
Santiago Betancur


The mind has always been a source of great intrigue. The relationship between the so-called soul, the conscience, the mind, and the spirit, poses questions that are barely answerable. As a mental illness, “psychosis” is defined as an inability to determine what is real and what is not. Some of its best-known symptoms include false beliefs and seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear. My new album for synth, electronics, and piano explores the "Psychosis" of today's virtual existence in which the internet inexorably changes our reality. It explores our false beliefs, the nakedness of the obvious, the nakedness of perception.

Julian De La Chica in Auschwitz

Julian De La Chica in Auschwitz


In a world dominated by "Social Media", the images that we create of ourselves become a parallel world that we inhabit daily. We are constantly waiting for a "like", waiting for acceptance, waiting for validation of our actions. The vanity of our other selves makes us slaves to pseudo reality. Perhaps that's why we think we're happy in that other world... we want to forget that we're going to die. We all have a "psychosis", and in this album, I explore my own.

Julián De La Chica

One man’s Psychosis is another’s fascination. For De La Chica, musical psychosis comes in the form of order, exactitude, measured structures and forms. His aesthetic palette is clean, rounded, precise, every color and tone is discrete, outlined with clear, black borders.
— George Grella

Read the Album Notes by George Grella Here


Aniela & Nitke

Over the summer, I visited Auschwitz for the first time. I do not think there are words to describe what I felt. In one of the buildings, in a very sad hall, there were pictures of some of the victims. I had to wait in the middle of this hall because there were so many people waiting to go in. In front of me were two photos, one of a woman and one of a man, named Aniela Nowak and Heinz Nitke. Their eyes said everything... I composed these pieces as a tribute on my way back to Krakow. In this album, I dedicate track No. 7 “Melancholy” to the Jewish community (in fact, I made a video of this track at the the Holocaust memorial in Berlin) and include Nitke (a simple piano piece) as a bonus track. For Aniela, (a duet for piano and cello) was released a few weeks ago as a single.

When I visited Poland, Psychosis had already been completed.. However, after visiting the camps, I found a strong connection between "Psychosis" (the album) and my experiences visiting Auschwitz. For this reason, I decided to put them together on this album. Both experiences are part of this same exploration of belief, religion, politics, leadership, ignorance, and power.

Dear Aniela and Heinz, there are not words, but there is music.

AMY - A Tribute, is out today!

AMY - A Tribute, is out today!

"For Aniela" is out today!

"For Aniela" is out today!